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"I have been shooting the Gator Vanes since 2010. I shoot both the plastic and feathers, but prefer the feathers as I shoot fingers and they fly better for me. I have tested them at different lengths and heights and found that the adjustability of the Gatorvanes is unparalleled over standard fletching.

I can honestly say the Superior flight of the Gatorvanes have been paramount in my ability to earn the Ca. State Championship title in my class for the 2010 State 900 and the 2012 State Broadhead Championship. I have also finished in the top 4 in every Ca. State shoot since 2010 while using Gatorvanes."

Don Bridgewater

""My name is Neil MacKinnon, I am a UK based 3D / Field archer. I shoot in NFAS (National Field Archery Association) in the Compound Limited class, this means I use finger release, a five pin hunting sight and have a 60 lb bow that is throwing my 30" carbon arrows down range at around 300fps.

I do a lot of local competitions, as well as competing from time to time in our National and 3D Championships. I am often fortunate enough to win local NFAS competitions and have managed 5th places on a number of occasions at the bigger competitions as well as winning the WFAA 3D Open Championship a couple of years ago.

A buddy on the Martin Archery technical forum suggested I try some Gatorvanes. Now I haven't used feather fletchings with a compound bow for about 20 years, so I was a little sceptical, but Don's results spoke for themselves and when he offered to package up a few and send them to me, well, it would have been rude to say no.

To get good consistent flight from any feathers, you have to make sure you have matched sets of fletchings for each arrow and preferably over the whole batch of arrows. Given their unique construction and with a little care and attention to detail, this is pretty straightforward to do with Gatorvanes. After fletching half a dozen arrows, I started my test programme, and no matter how I tried to get Gatorvanes to fail, they were always as consistent, if not better than my QuickSpins.

I now carry a mix of fletched arrows at every competition, and using only Gatorvanes at my last local competition, I won with such a convincing margin that I could have missed the last target completely, and I still would have won!"

Neil MacKinnon

"For the last 8 years I have been shooting Gator Vanes on my Outdoor arrows and have nothing but good to say about them. With my Gators I have won 4 SW Sectional Championships, 2 Silver Dollar tournaments, and 5 NM State Grand championships and numerous State titles. Louie I thought there was nothing better, but old friend I was wrong. I now shoot the newest Gator line and that is the Gator Feather these are the only Truly tunable vane or feather on the market today. Thanks Papa Gator "AKA Louie Rangel"".

Bob Borges Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hunter shoots huge bear with Gatorvanes image Don Bridgewater shooting target image

Son winning trophy with his gatorvanes dad winning trophy with his gatorvanes